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How to harness the full potential of IoT data

With billions of connected sensors designed into products and places across the world, leading executives in business and government know that the IoT’s value lies in its vast quantities of data. But the most competitive organizations are transforming performance, decision-readiness, and scalability by taking advantage of the hidden value of their IoT data: location, the where factor.

The Advantage of real-time location intelligence powered by a geographic information system (GIS)

 Because location is such a crucial facet of IoT data, many organizations and businesses find that a modern GIS, fed by real-time data, can be a powerful tool for operations. By ingesting, processing, analyzing and visualizing tens of thousands to several million events per second, real-time GIS empowers decision-makers and stakeholders with the latest information and insights they need to drive immediate and future ideas and strategies. It takes the IoT’s high-velocity, high-volume data and brings it to life, revealing patterns, connections, and opportunities that are difficult–or impossible–to decipher otherwise and enables a speedier, next-generation level of decision-making and problem-solving.

Understanding How to Leverage Location Intelligence:

GiS based analytics that is customer focused. Where do they live what’s convenient, who is buying or utilizing the product, how far are they away from your sites. We don’t want to see just dots on a map. We don’t want to just have companies have tabular views. We want real analytics. Push to portal P to P is a concept that allows a company to take all of their GIS enable data to configure it using location analytics push it out to a portal application and allow the user to understand what how that data is used. Essentially having the right spatial tools enable better ways to make better decisions.